Danger(s) of Selflessness

The greatest wealth is health -Unknown

By: Nikki Nies

While I was driving to class today, I drove past an elementary school with mothers and fathers walking their kids to school.  I couldn’t help, but notice how many people were overweight.  How many you might ask?  More than I expected [I didn’t physically count, I was trying to drive!].

Disclaimer: I do not have any kids myself and I can’t imagine what it takes to be a parent, God knows I drive my mother crazy.  However, everyone I have ever talked to about raising kids mention the unconditional love and constant “worry” about one’s kids.

However, how many times do you sell yourself short to give to others?  Parents often putting their children’s needs before theirs.  How can you give the best version of yourself if you physically, mentally or emotionally do it?  Schedules are crazy and I know it can be hard to let some things go, but giving oneself “me” time can not only help one recharge batteries, but appreciate the little things in life and take a step back and be grateful for the life one has.


  • Take a long hot shower–great thinking can happen in there!
  • Drink herbal tea

    Original Image by Kalle Gustafsson via Flickr
    Original Image by Kalle Gustafsson via Flickr
  • Use DVR or TiVo to watch TV at a later date–if you have a guilty pleasure, skipping the channels at a later date won’t make you feel less guilty to make time for yourself
  • Go grocery shopping without the kids!  It can be hard to say no to children’s pleas to pick up extra candies and chocolates.  Not only will you save more money by sticking to your list, but a little quiet time can really be embraced.
  • Turn your phone off during meals–enjoy meal time and really connect with your kids.  It’ll make you more aware of what you’re eating, not being distracted by technology.
  • Don’t feel crazed to make a feast every night! Make a batch of food at the beginning of the week and thaw it out daily.  You can take a breather from preparing meals once in a while.
  • At lunch: don’t sit at your desk and do work while you eat.  What kind of lunch break is that?  You’re not getting paid to do that extra work.  As the summer approaches, enjoy the nice weather and eat outside if possible.  As stated earlier, you’ll be more aware of what you’re eating because you won’t be pressured to make that deadline.
  • Hire a babysitter.  Everyone needs a break.  Even crazy moms.  If you’re strapped for cash, maybe set up a play date exchange with another couple.  You watch the kids have a playdate while the other couple has a date night and vice versa.

On the flip side, many might argue I don’t know what problems they’re going through or that it’s not possible to designate “me” time.  Yes, I might not know the problems you’re going through, keep strong!, but I do know the benefits of prioritizing your health and the positive domino effect it can trickle through one’s other aspects of life. However, small changes can lead to great results and as a parent you want to ensure your children that their parents will be around long enough to see them grow up and that as parents they don’t only want best for their children, but for themselves as well.  It’s easy to lose yourself when giving comes naturally to others, just don’t sell yourself in the end.  Promise?

Sources: http://preschoolers.about.com/od/parentpotpourri/a/20-ways-to-make-Time-For-Me-Time.htm

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