Moderate ‘Moderation’

By: Nikki Nies

Fad diets.  Do they actually work?  I’ve never met anyone that’s lost the weight on a “diet” and KEPT it off.  If you meet someone, let me know.  I don’t consider weight watchers a diet, but makes someone more aware of what one’s consuming by putting a numerical value of how good a food product is for someone in relation to the nutrient content.  I also don’t support the elimination mindset.  I’m a firm believer that one can enjoy all the pleasures of food.  In moderation.

Moderation is defined as

Being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme

Original Image by gdsteam via Flickr
Original Image by gdsteam via Flickr

If you’re like me, you might still be asking, so what does that actually mean?  I’ve provided you with a definition, but how does that apply to my everyday life?  How do you moderate?  Is it subjective?  Well, it is to an extent.  Deprivation the “cutting out” of certain foods can be good for a limited amount of time,  but I can’t imagine cutting out ice cream all together, my “sweet spot.”  However, limiting the amount I have can let me have my cake and eat it too.  I grew up eating ice cream on a daily basis.  With my exposure to nutrition and understanding the amount of sugar content, I realize I can’t continue to eat ice cream daily if I want to keep a trim waistline.  I’ve limited it to every other day.  Is that too much still?  I don’t know yet, but it’s a start.

So back to moderation.  How can you moderate your moderation?

First, you have to see what you’re eating on a regular basis.  It can hard to face the fact of how much one’s eating and seeing a physical representation can be overwhelming for some.  Keeping a food diary is a great first step, also including the date and portion of the meal/snack you are eating.  Once you’ve done this for a good amount of time, you can assess where your discretionary calories really are coming from and where you could alter your eating habits.

Also, one should try to substitute quality for quantity.  If you’re going to eat chocolate, get your favorite brand.  Don’t eat the 99 cent kind.

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