Earth Day!

By: Nikki Nies

Original Image by Kate Ter Haar via Flickr
Original Image by Kate Ter Haar via Flickr

HAPPY EARTH DAY! How’d you celebrate this day?  Isn’t it a pity everything isn’t nationally recognized as Earth Day?  Even if it’s only socially acceptable to celebrate this Earth every April 22nd, doesn’t mean the Earth won’t be grateful for treating it well.  How often do you want to get outside more to tend to your garden?  You don’t recycle because it’s a hassle?  There are everyday small changes one can make to not only lessen their carbon foot print, but make this Earth a better place for themselves, families and for future generations.

Check out your carbon footprint. You’ll be sadly amazed!

Suggestions to make every day a day of celebration of this great Earth:

  • Buy locally–not only supporting local, small businesses, but increased guarantee of freshness
  • Take reusable bags whenever out and about
  • Invest in a reusable bottle for water or Brita filter
  • Plant and harvest your own garden–watch your fruits and veggies grow right before your eyes!
  • Window shop without taking any money–helps you evaluate difference between want and need–go back for things you can’t live without!
  • Take direct plane flight when possible–decrease fuel needed to travel
  • Use cold water when doing laundry as much as possible–takes less energy than to heat water
  • Plan ahead your travel route throughout day–try to kill two birds with one stone staying within local areas
  • Energy proof your house–making sure you’re up to par with energy saver materials

How many of the above suggestions are you already doing?  More than five?  Doing great!  Let’s see if you can add another eco-friendly habit into your everyday life and the world will thank you for it.  Also, take advantage of this day and learn more about ice glaciers, air pollution, deforestation, climate change–yes, it’s real and here to stay! These are all REAL problems at hand that can no longer be avoided.


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