Exciting Time for Nutrition Field!

Original Image by Coqui the Chef via Flickr
Original Image by Coqui the Chef via Flickr

By: Nikki Nies

Careercast.com has come out with their yearly rankings of best jobs for 2013.  The criteria focused on physical demands, work environment, income, stress and hiring outlook.  Where do Dietitians rank in a 200 job list?  #16!

Obviously, as a nutrition student, I’m biased and looked quickly to see where Dietitian’s stand in the ranking.  I’m excited to see we’re creeping closer to the top 10.  Who knows where we’ll be in a year in the rankings.

My intention is to highlight the across the board need for dietitians.  I’m grateful based on the above criteria listed that dietitians are being recognized as “great” career.  With the baby boomer population growing every year and the rising rates of obesity, the need for dietitians is becoming ever increasing.

Nutrition is a very intricate, complex field, but I’m excited for the future and confident all this hard work will pay off to give back and help people revamp their lifestyles.  If any of you are on the fence about joining the nutrition field, don’t fret.  The last five years in healthcare and preventive care has grown so much and there’s still so much more growth.  If you want to chat about future paths in the nutrition field, don’t hesitate to contact wedishnutrition@gmail.com

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