Swim, Swam, Swum

By: Nikki Nies

Original Image by Greg L. photos via Flickr
Original Image by Greg L. photos via Flickr

My dream house would have a pool with a retractable roof.  Now, I’m sure some of might think, what an unnecessary entity.  However, hear me out.  If I had my own pool year round, I would get the best workouts in and during the summer I could get my tan on as well!

I really only learned how to swim a few years ago.  Okay,  you can judge me with that, but once I got into the water I learned quickly found my place in the exercise realm.  Pools are an undervalued aspect of any part of realty.  You can lounge anywhere, but if you’re heading to the pool, use it! Heading to the gym?  Make sure to sign up for one with a pool included!

Don’t have a pool?  Lakes, ponds, oceans can do as well.  Do whatever you have to get into some water.

Swimming provides an additional realm of exercise:

  • feeling and looking younger
  • enhances energy
  • improves flexibility
  • healthier heart–makes it more efficient in blood flow
  • can curb inflammatory response
  • burns quick calories–for every 10 minutes: the breast stroke will burn 60 calories; the backstroke torches 80; the freestyle lights up 100; and the butterfly stroke incinerates an impressive 150
  • may live longer
  • can reduce asthma related occurrences
  • increases HDL–“good cholesterol”
  • decreased risk of diabetes
  • relieves stress
  • increases endurance
  • increases confidence
  • form of exercise that doesn’t do harsh impact to skeletal system
  • works stiff joints and muscles
  • suggested for those with arthritis–improves bone strength
  • a form of aerobic workout

How many more benefits do you need to be convinced that swimming’s a great exercise with great results?  Go ahead for a swim, it’s a nice day out today :).

Those that are expending energy, such as moderate to intense exercise, need increased energy needs.  This pyramid provides more information about increased servings and needs for those that do physical activity regularly.

Source: http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/aging/retirement/10-health-benefits-of-swimming.htm

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