Correlation Between Acne + Dairy

By: Nikki Nies

So, on a personal note.  My forehead’s been breaking out more than normal.  Badly.  Since I know what the next few year’s will be bringing I canceled out stress.  One aspect of my life I have a better grasp on is my diet.  I don’t believe that my dietary habits have changed in the last few weeks, however, I can’t seem to get rid of this acne and make it stay away!

Besides the chemical and hormonal causes of acne, I looked more deeply into the dietary causes of acne.  It was hard to find a definitive answer and differentiate myths as well as primary causes.  However, cross checking several references, I’ve compiled a list of foods that have been clinically proven to increase acne or inhibit clear skin.

  • dairy products, specifically milk
  • consumption of chocolate and its impact on acne is still up for debate
  • large consumptions of high glycemic foods seems to irritate inflammation–empty carbohydrates–bagels, donuts

When I think about what I eat on a regular basis, it’ll definitely be a challenge to cut dairy out of diet completely, but my love of clear skin trumps my ice cream, cheese, milk, yogurt and eggs.  Some might be skeptical about these findings, however, I’m always up for trying new things.

Great add-ons to one’s diet:

Original Image by USDA via Flickr
Original Image by USDA via Flickr
  • Green leafy vegetables–kale, spinach, arugula 
  • Orange root vegetables
  • Fish and fish oil

Have you seen a difference in your skin since the incorporation of green leafy vegetables, orange root vegetables and/or fish or its oil components?

Source: Smith, E. V., Grindlay, D. C., & Williams, H. C. (2011). What’s new in acne? An analysis of systematic reviews published in 2009-2010. Clinical & Experimental Dermatology36(2), 119-123. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2230.2010.03921.x

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  1. Cream (in coffee) is the main cause of my acne! Chocolate/chips and coffee (with a lack of sufficient water) also make my skin look irritated and kind of worn out. Different skins can handle different things, but I’m certain that me being lactose-intolerant is a factor for me breaking out when I eat dairy products. The toxins have to get out somehow, don’t they? I just wish it wasn’t through my face 😦


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