My Constant Temptation

Original Image by Craig Sunter - Thanx 3 Million ;-)) via Flickr
Original Image by Craig Sunter – Thanx 3 Million ;-)) via Flickr

By: Nikki Nies

What’re you?  A salty or sweet person?  Anyone who knows me knows I always check the dessert menu when eating out.
Today was no exception.  I was lucky enough to meet up with one of my mother’s high school friends, heading into Buckhead, GA.  We ate at a very classy, tasty French bistro, Anis.
I’m glad that French cuisine has stayed true to more reasonable portions.  I did enjoy the profiteroles, which  is a pastry ball filled with ice cream.  The pastry was so moist and light, I don’t regret ordering it.
When I was younger I used to associate dining out with special occasions, which permitted me to include dessert after the entree.  However, as I’ve gotten older and meeting up with friends was an automatic dining event, the novelty of desserts has worn off.
No matter what your temptation is, whether it’s cookies, bread, chips, ice cream or anything that you have a hard time saying no to when it passes you by try to understand what emotions you associate with that temptation.
My new goal is to enjoy a great entree sans dessert.  I always share healthy foods that I consume on a  daily basis, but I don’t want you to think I always have a walk in the park in regards to temptation.  It’s a mental battle we all deal with, sometimes easier for others.  I truly enjoyed my meal today, but won’t be indulging in dessert in the foreseeable future.

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