Hungry Girl


By: Nikki Nies

As a college student on the go, I’m  sure I’m not alone when it comes to wanting quick meals.  Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals have renowned home cooking and with a new spin on meals for the working girls and college students with Lisa Lillien’s line of Hungry Girl (HG) products, cookbooks and ideas.

Started in 2004, it’s been so well received that she now has her own TV show, Hungry Girl on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel.
On Hungry Girl’s website, there are weekly posts on great recipes that any one can do.  I love that they do a side by side comparison of Hungry Girl’s recipe to a traditional recipe.  The dishes are post the nutrition information comparison and the Points Plus Value. HG’s Creamy Mushroom Faux-sotto is an equally great tasting dish to fighting off the restaurant made Mushroom Risotto.
Check out where you can sign up for a free daily email on updates, suggestions and tips!  There are weekly posts on great recipes that any one can do.


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