The Power of Your Mind

b97a702477fe82dc27cb428d6913863aI’ve mentioned several times my constant temptation in regards to food are cookies.  I recently read that some of us eat because we’re addicted to the actual taste of the food. I’m not sure how accurate that concept from Women’s Health is, but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless.

However, one’s temptation is only that, a temptation and remembering that one has the power to control the temptation is an every day battle.  I’ve actually changed my route at work, it’s quicker to walk past the bakery, where they’re always giving out free samples.  I can’t help, but check if they’ve got my favorite cookies out.  It sounds hypocritical as a nutrition student, but every one has mind games and it’s just a matter of how much power is given into the temptation.


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