The Health Ring


By: Nikki Nies

Dana Baardsen, an avid nutrition writer and advocate, has started a new website, The Health Ring, which is a great resource for health and nutrition advice.  The Health Ring, an online magazine and social network for healthy, young adults launched today with some thought worthy articles.

Not only is the writing well researched, but is provided on a national scale–writers from the East Coast to the MidWest.  Meet the team!

The Health Ring also encourages feedback and discussion amongst its viewers.  On the “chat” section of the Health Ring’s home page, one can ask questions as well as share his or her story on anything and everything.  For example, there are already provided discussion boards on fitness–strength training, yoga, flexibility and running, on nutrition topics such as Gluten Free, Juicing, vegan and vegetarianism, etc. just ready to be talked about with others!

An added bonus: the male perspective.  There is a special spot for not only the male opinion, but on topics that are more pertinent to the guys.

Check it out and log in for continual access! What’re you waiting for?

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