Improve Your Self Esteem

By: Nikki Nies

One’s self esteem, self confidence and self worth, whatever you want to call it can be seen in what he or she eats. If you’re not confident in your skin or proud of your own interior accomplishments, food can only fill that void for so long.

This video provides 10 suggestions on how to become a more well rounded, confident individual, not defined by exterior qualities.

  1. Stop comparing yourself
  2.  Keep your thoughts positive
  3. Accept all compliments with thank you!
  4.  Feed yourself with positivity (i.e. read inspiring books, create new challenge)
  5. Associate with supportive people
  6. List your past successes
  7. Celebrate your qualities
  8. Do good for others
  9. Find your passion
  10. Be You and don’t apologize!

Aiming to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself should be your goal!

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