Every Minute of Exercise Counts

Original Image by Kristoffer Trolle via Flickr

Every Minute of Exercise Counts

By: Nikki Nies

It’s recommended the average American exercises 150 minutes each week.  While that number may seem daunting, if you break up your exercise routine, 150 minutes can go by in a blink of an eye.

New physical activity guidelines published by the American Journal of Health Promotion recommend aerobic activity in 10 minute increments.  At high speed intensities, it was found women and men’s BMI’s dropped 0.7%, which is nearly 1/2 a lb. for women and almost a 1/4 of a lb. for men.

Every step counts, don’t get down if you don’t make your 150 minute quota this week.  As long as you’re progressing and making a concerted effort to get outside or to the gym, the results will pay off!   It’s raining or you can’t make it to the gym today?

  • Energetically clean the house while listening to upbeat music
  • Wash and wax car
  • Chop veggies, wash dishes or stir batter by hand instead of with an electric mixer
  • Skip the elevator and  take the stairs
  • Park farther away from the entrance of stores
  • Get off the bus or subway a stop earlier than normal
  • Play with your kids or grandkids, push the baby in the stroller, or walk the dog

Small changes to your daily routine can make a long term difference! What’re your plans today?

Photo Credit: Healthy Living 

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