Kitchen Hacks to Save Time

Original Image by Chalon Handmade via Flickr
Original Image by Chalon Handmade via Flickr

Kitchen Hacks to Save Time

By: Nikki Nies

Browse through these various tips to expedite your kitchen prep, which will quicken your speed to enjoying your savory, delicious meals!

Some noteworthy tips:

  1.  Put a wooden spoon across a pot of boiling water to keep it from boiling over
  2. Avoid storing potatoes near onions; it will result in them spoiling sooner.
  3. Use a ball of aluminum foil instead of a steel wool sponge, as it’s great for cleaning glass pans and pots

What tips have you incorporated into your daily routine?  What’s hacks have saved near disaster?



  1. Thanks for these kitchen hacks. I did not know that putting a wooden spot over a pot of boiling water could reduce its tendency to boil over. With regards to onions, it is not only with potatoes. Because of their strong flavors and acids,it is generally not good to store onions close to foods (Milk, eggs, fruits,ripe bananas, etc). The foods tend to pick up the flavors and they end up smelling not proper or spoilt (example of milk and potatoes). I learned most of these while doing research for my kitchen designs ideas posts

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