Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Original Image by Kurman Communications, Inc. via Flickr
Original Image by Kurman Communications, Inc.
via Flickr

By: Nikki Nies

On Hallow’s Eve, it only seems fitting to start talking about the inevitable eating festivities with the winter holidays looming.  Not only does Halloween provide children some fun and chance for a sugar high, but can be to channel healthier eating options as well.

When you’re carving your turkey or sneaking into the kitchen for your second Christmas cookie, keep these tips in mind.  You can have your one cookie and eat it too.  Pun intended.

  • Before a holiday gathering, grab a protein rich snack to avoid arriving starved and overeating
  • While enjoying snacks and holiday meals, sip water throughout the day to prevent overeating
  • Weigh yourself twice a week consistently–it’ll help you stay on track while not ruining all the holiday fun
  • Start your day with a quick workout in your home or local gym–less likely to have high fat cravings
  • At buffets, potlucks or grand feasts, make a lap through the food and be extremely picky about what you want to try; pick the foods you can’t resist, in moderation
  • If you know you’re heading out for the evening and decide to “not eat” to save calories for event, you may end up overeating at event since you did no t eat all day
  • It’s easy to get excited about the food at an event, but try to focus on other aspects of event, such as catching up with old friends, which can help keep you away from refreshment table
  • Using dessert or smaller plates can make you eat less in the long run
  • After a meal, encourage and suggest everyone walk a couple blocks, which is a great after meal activity for all
  • Limit intake of alcohol to respectable manner, not only are drinks often high in calories, but can alter one’s perception of how much they have really eaten
  • Don’t swear off desserts or it’ll drive you crazy! Three small bites is all you need!
  • Limit intake of carbonated beverages, such as soda as it can lead to gas, excess sugar intake and feeling of uneasiness
  • Chew slower as it’ll decrease the amount of air you swallow, as more air can cause more bloating
  • Ensure you’re eating enough potassium rich foods as this mineral can ensure you retain less water; i.e. cantaloupe, kiwis, bananas, strawberries and/or papayas

Using several of these tips over the next few months will help you enjoy your holidays, while eating more “mindfully.”

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