Meatless Mondays

Original Image by Megan Rascal via Flickr
Original Image by Megan Rascal via Flickr

By: Nikki Nies

The concept is not new, but the topic is never too old to talk about.  As the name of the day suggests, Meatless Mondays consists of eating an entire day without any meat.   There’s been a strong movement that has evolved and the impact has not gone unnoticed.

I had heard about Meatless Mondays a few years a go, but it never dawned me why Monday was chosen as the day to go meatless.  After looking on’s website, it makes sense.  The Western culture uses Mondays as a jump start for a fresh week and studies have shown people use Mondays as a new “beginning” for health and diet regimens,  to quit smoking or to make a doctor’s appointment.  Meatless Mondays sounds fitting to include in your calendar too, right?

If you’re still not convinced, let me share with you some of the benefits in participating in Meatless Mondays.


  • Can help prevent chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, obesity and/or diabetes
  • Can reduce one’s carbon foot print
  • Can save water and fossil fuel
  • Can extend one’s life–as eating red and processed meats are associated with increased risk of mortality
Original Image by Jennifer via Flickr
Original Image by Jennifer via Flickr

So, now you might be thinking, what’s a person to do without meat? Here’s some alternatives:

  • Tortellini Primavera
  • Tofu Parmigiana
  • Greek Orzo Stuffed Peppers
  • Tandoori Tofu
  • Red Curry with Vegetables
  • Spring Turnip Frittata

By eliminating meat from your daily Monday routine will not make you automatically healthier.  However, it is a small step in the right direction of a balanced, varied diet.  Today I’m making a huge salad and digging out my tofu.  What’s on your menu today?


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