What to do Besides Watch TV


By: Nikki Nies

Sedentary Activities like watching TV and computer use aren’t your best friend. I love a good TV show, but one show can easily turn into several and it’s understandable.

Some notable suggestions from http://www.whole9life.com/2011/05/instead-of-tv/

  1. Go to bed earlier
  2. Take a nice relaxing bath
  3. Make a weekly family meal plan
  4. Take a family walk after dinner
  5. Take an art class
  6. Nap in the grass
  7. Host a dinner party
  8. Start a compost pile
  9. Write something
  10. Get involved in local politics

I, myself, have taken up juggling.  My hand eye coordination has improved drastically in just a few short days.  What skills or activities are you willing to learn?

Picture Source: http://www.anonymousartofrevolution.com/2012/08/i-dont-watch-tv-i-prefer-to-think-for.html

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