Plethora of Polyphenols

Original Image by Mike Gifford via Flickr
Original Image by Mike Gifford via Flickr

By: Nikki Nies

Staying healthy isn’t a luck of a draw.  What one eats has a direct impact on health and looking at one’s current health is a reflection of what one consumes.  Staying healthy takes work, but it’s not impossible.  According to the American Cancer Society, polyphenols are believed to help prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and/or heart disease.

Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant.  One can find polyphenols in red cabbage, red or green grapes, broccoli, radishes, onions, cacao, garlic, grape juice, apples, red wine, citrus fruit, berries, tea and soy.

Benefits of polyphenols:

  • Anti-inflammatory: useful for those with arthritis or other inflammatory problems
  • Heart Health: May improve cardiovascular system
  • Prevents cancer: polyphenols contain anti carcinogenic and anti tumor properties
  • Anti-aging:
  • Prevents heart disease: With moderate amounts of red wine, may keep heart disease at bay

Hopefully,  you’ve incorporated some polyphenolic rich foods into your daily routine, but adding a few more items to your weekly grocery list could be great too!


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