Health Experts: Splurges and Secrets

Designs-for-Kids.-Happy-New-Year-2014-n-4By: Nikki Nies

Happy New Year!

While everyone’s setting in place new year resolutions, it doesn’t hurt to take advice from health experts.  Complete deprivation of favorite has been found time and time again not to be the answer to weight loss. A collection of experts have come together to share their holiday secrets, with their own unique perspective.

You can check out the full list of credible experts and secrets by Health Experts: Splurges and Secrets.  Here’s a few of the main ideas I that rang true to me.

For example, on the cusp of the holidays, making it permissable to treat yourself once in a while will be more favorable to your health and waistline in the long run.  Also, holidays does not mean a “holiday” from exercise.  To maximize work out time, make sure to vary work outs and if needed, break up exercise in 3 increminants of 10 minutes.  Expecting perfection only sets one up for disappointment, so evaluating the attainability of goals and celebrating milestones makes the journey a little bit easier!

While “experts” are readily available to give their personal tricks, it’s up to you to figure out what works for YOU! Espeically what works for you in maintaining your health.


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