The Ride Called Life

By: Nikki Nies

Are you happy?  It’s a simple yes or no question, but often times people answer with more than just one word.  If  you were to ask me such a question and we’re being honest here, I’m not happy.  Like many, I feel like I’m plugging a long.  With such an attitude, it’s easy to see how one can spiral out of  healthy eating habits and not be one’s best version of him or herself.

You see, I moved to Illinois last August for my dietetic internship, which I’m entirely grateful for being accepted into and don’t want to know where or what I’d be doing if I hadn’t be accepted.  Yet, the move was the largest physical and emotional move I’ve ever done.  I’ve had this countdown of “1 year to go, 11 months to go” and that’s not healthy.  I regret to think about how much I’ve missed out on while I was busy with my countdown.  Not taking advantage of where I live and the resources available for me to grow as a health professional and more importantly a human is hard to admit.   It’s been an adjustment and I hate to say it, but I’m still adjusting to living out here even 5 months later.  It’s nothing personal to Illinois, it’s nice, it’s just not home.

I’m not here attempting to write a public diary entry, but to express that it’s natural to get into a rut and not embrace all the highs and lows of life.  I need to recalibrate my thoughts and realize why I’m here, to start the next chapter in my life as a Registered Dietitian.  You know the saying, if it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it?  I’m beginning to understand the truth to that statement more and more daily.  As with everything, moderation and balance is key. I used to pride myself in knowing myself well, but I’ve learned a lot about myself in these last few months.  I’ve learned what areas I could improve on while admitting strengths I can hone in on.

I hope this non-traditional blog post is relatable and if you’re in a similar situation, you remember to embrace what ever situation you’re in.  Your mood and attitude can dictate your health and well being.  Your mind can be such an advocate or enemy, it’s your choice.  I know my faith’s gotten through a lot of situations and I need to lighten up and enjoy the ride, which is called life.  Life passes by and you better get on or off the train.  I’d prefer to be on the train, wouldn’t you?


  1. Niki, I’m glad to see your making progress even though the train has many stops. Slow and steady is another one of those sayings. Ride the train baby ,ride the train!


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