Muffin Tin Portion Control


By: Nikki Nies

How many of you grab your scales and measuring cups to ensure you’re eating the desired portions and/or servings you want?  Really, you rummage through your cupboards and delay the ever pending consumption of food to portion out your food? If you do portion out your food or you’ve got a great eye for portions, that great.  However, for the other 99% of us that have deceiving eyes, don’t worry.

Original Image by Melissa via Flickr
Original Image by Melissa via Flickr

Many have already jumped on the bandwagon, using muffin tins as a great portion control device.  If you haven’t come on board! Another plus is that using a muffin tin can slash cooking time in half–saving time and money spent on energy!  Smaller portions are also tastier due to the decreased surface area and likelihood of drying out.

With restaurant and food industry portion sizes insanely disproportionate to what Americans really need to be consuming, a built in portion controlled cooking dish is the best next weight loss tip.  Not only can one freeze the smaller portioned food easier, but one can be guilt free about how much they eat.  Grab your muffin tins and start that portion control!

Check out some out of the box muffin tin friendly recipes at


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