Make this Valentine’s Day a Day to Remember!

By: Nikki Nies

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, don’t let this celebratory holiday of love squash have you struggling to decide between which decadent treat to try.

Shy away from the traditional chocolates and try to celebrate the love in your life: 4354749775_6b298c9215_o

  • Opt for a song or a poem that reminds you of your loved one–more permanent sign of affection
  • Bundle up and take advantage of the winter activities available–sledding, ice skating and/or skiing
  • Packing your kids raisins, pretzels, stickers or pencils instead of candies in their lunch
  • Can’t beat a home made meal–can choose healthier spices, use less salt and cook with desired healthy method over frying (i.e. grilling, sauteeing, stir frying, roasting and/or steaming)
  • Send or make your own fruit basket, which is filled with natural sugars and still very tasty!
  • If you decide to go out for dinner: share an entree, not only is more romantic, but more likely one will stick to the desired portions
  • Select fish–as a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, eating salmon, mackeral or tuna can be heart healthy!
  • Go for a after dinner stroll, not only is it relaxing, but is a romantic, free activity
  • Be adventurous and try a new fruit or vegetable

Show your loved one you love them  with a dash of healthiness as well!  If you’re whipping up a meal at home, check out the web for some delicious, easy Valentine’s day dinners.  Happy early Valentine’s Day!

Photo Credit: Flickr


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