Clothing Tip: Wear Them Tight

By: Nikki Nies

**Disclaimer: The following post is by no means advocating the practice of disordered eating or eating disorders.  While I try to write a variety of topics, the point of this post was to make fun of my own laziness and how quickly bad habits can form from laziness.  As with all posts, my intention is to provide awareness and encourage healthier behaviors.  If you do decide to read the following post, please read with a grain of salt.**

My life motto has always been, comfort trumps any trending style.  Especially as I enter a more professional stage of my life, I’ve had to find a balance between wearing comfortable, yet professional clothes.

What I’m about to suggest might sound crazy, but give it a few minutes to digest.  I challenge you not to wear sweats for a week.  For some, that sounds like a dumb request, but if you’re like me, it may be hard.  I, for one, am running to my closet to grab my pajamas or sweat pants the minute I walk in the door.  While I do have socially acceptable pants I can wear in public, nothing’s as comfortable as my pajamas.  Since I haven’t been in rotation for the last couple of months, I haven’t seen an incentive to “dress up.”  Dressing up for me means not wearing sweat pants.

Avoid-Wearing-Tight-Clothes-300x300However, while I believe my mindful feeling is in tow, another easy way to gauge my weight is to actually get dressed in the morning. It’s easy to not see the pounds come on if all you’ve got to gauge your weight is an elastic band or drawstring to keep your pants up.  Yes, I’m pulling out my favorite pairs of jeans to wear, but it’s a leap ahead of where I’ve been.

Not only can form fitting clothes make you feel more confident in showing off your figure, but it can help keep you accountable for your figure.  Skinny jeans don’t lie.  If you find yourself comfortably fitting into your skinny jeans one day and then start to gradually have to suck it in, perhaps you need to be more honest with yourself and what you’re eating.

Now, let’s not get obsessive about 1-2 lbs. here or there as weight does fluctuate, but wearing more form fitting jeans can better a barometer of health than a scale.  Stop obsessing over the numbers on the scale, as they can only tell a portion of who a person is and use your clothes to your advantage.  Clothes are a reflection of personality, so show other’s your confident, sexy side with those killer clothes!



  1. hi! i always appreciate your posts! however, i had trouble with this one! i feel like your intentions for this post were coming from a good place, but suggesting that folks gauge their weight based on how their pants fit sounds disordered. it sounds like a form of “body checking” that would go on for someone with an eating disorder. i’m not by any means saying you have an eating disorder or that everyone who has ever used the fit of their pants to gauge their weight or eating has an eating disorder. i think it’s just about being mindful about the audience who may be reading this and how they may interpret the information. just a thought…


  2. You’re right, I need to be mindful of my posts. I always try to be aware of the audience and can see how this post could insinuate an eating disorder.

    I was in no way shape or form advocating eating disorders or body checking. I was sort of making fun of the fact that all I wear are sweats and the regular myth that you don’t need a scale, but can tell from your pants.

    Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention and
    I’ll keep in my the audience’s interests in the future.


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