Farmer’s Fridge

ac414a_5e720261692667edb31ab132d8739955.png_srz_p_195_215_75_22_0.50_1.20_0By: Nikki Nies

Farmer’s Fridge prides itself in offering only the freshest, tastiest products to its devoted customers.  Using local, organic products as much as possible, being tasty and nutritious is guaranteed to be delivered.

In addition to quality food, Farmer’s Fridge uses only BPA free packaging and maintain FDA standards with all food contact.

Not a fan yet?   A reason you may not have heard of Farmer’s Fridge is because their products are sold in the traditional super market. Instead, products are sold in a kiosk.  ac414a_692c8669a30ffc0db12407c2420869e2.png_srz_p_400_491_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

Let me tell you about their kiosk! Their kiosk is an updated, revamped vending machine.  The kiosk itself is a thing of beauty, made from reclaimed wood and recycled materials.  The kiosk accepts all major credit cards, user friendly with touch screen access and provides product images, nutrition information and ingredient list.

So, how does the kiosk work?

  • Fresh produce is delivered to fresh products daily.
  • Salads are delivered to the machine at 10AM and remove the unsold salads (which we donate to a local food pantry)… daily.
  • We discount any unsold salads by $1 at 6 p.m.

Not a bad deal, eh? Check out their menu at!menu/c1hxq

I love Farmer’s Fridge concept and they don’t allow any compromises deter their vision or mission to serve their customers.  You don’t regularly see pistachios, sprouts, fennel, Napa cabbage, water chestnuts, Kalamata olives and/or dried tart cherries in the same menu, but Farmer’s Fridge doesn’t hesitate to please a wide array of tastes.

There’s currently 2 kiosks, one in Lake Forest, IL and in downtown Chicago, IL on N. Clark Street.  While Chicagoans are the first to be served guaranteed fresh food, the concept will hopefully expand into other franchises too.


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