Harsh Truth–>Better Person

Better Person”>Harsh Truth–>Better Person

I really liked this blog entry due to its no holds bar honesty.  Check it out, you can’t help but walk away feeling inspired to take life by the horns and learn a new skill and/or better contribute to society. If anything, watch Alec Baldwin’s Glengarry Glenn Ross speech.

Some points I took away from the post:

  1. Society’s full of people who need things–give them what they need
  2. Bitter vs. motivated: It’ll determine if you’ll succeed.  Job=useful thing you do for others, nothing more than the sum of your useful skills
  3. What do you offer?: Not the time to say what you DON’T offer
  4. How much time do you spend consuming things others have made? (i.e. TV, websites, music)
  5. “You are nothing, but fruit.”: Caring’s not the same as doing!; How are your interesting thoughts and ideas manifested in the world?  Apply the same standard to yourself that you apply to others.  “A tress is defined by its fruit.”
  6. Misery’s comfortable: Happiness takes effort; complacent people are easy to criticize others, yet don’t produce anything themselves, so their work will be forever perfect and beyond reform

I love a challenge.  While 90% of readers will continue on with their life, I want to be one of the 10% that takes the advice and run with it.  I’m currently learning how to juggle.  While it’s not the most conventional skill, so what, I’m getting better at it and it’s unique to me.  What skill are you learning?

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