Apples vs. Pears


By: Nikki Nies

One’s weight and height aren’t being used as an exclusive tool for physicians to determine health.  More than ever, one’s body shape, which can be used to determine waist to hip ratio is more heavily used to determine overall health.

An easy way to determine your own health, the concept of body shapes resembling apples or pears are used as a visual guide of health.

Apple shaped bodies often have more weight around waist while pear shaped individuals have a narrower waist, yet carry more weight around hips and thighs.  Unfortunately, research finds that those with apple shaped body compositions are at higher risk for health problems in the future.  Those at a normal weight BMI, but have excessive abdominal weight are 2.75 times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease, diabetes and/or stroke than a normal weight pear shaped individual.

As said, calculating your waist to hip ratio can identify your body shape.

Apple – WHR above 0.8 for women, above 0.9 for men

If you have an “apple-shaped” body habitus, waist size is larger than your hip size.

Pear – WHR below 0.8 for women, below 0.9 for men

If you are a pear type, hip section is likely to be wider than upper body, with most fat deposited around thighs, hips and buttocks region.


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