Be Inspired by The Biggest Loser


**Disclaimer: The following post is by no means advocating the practice of disordered eating or eating disorders.  You may be questioning my values, regarding the winner of the latest edition of Biggest Loser.  Rachel Fredrickson lost more than half of her body weight and many labeled her as “too thin.”   As with all posts, my intention is to provide awareness and encourage healthier behaviors.  If you do decide to read the following post, please read with a grain of salt.**

By: Nikki Nies

While the Biggest Loser doesn’t always promote the healthiest weight loss tactics, I can’t help, but watch the show.  Like many others, I can’t help, but feel connected to the contestants and their relatable stories.  Hearing their personal journey of how they have gained excess weight and the barriers it has caused, it makes one root for them to overcome their physical and mental struggles.  If you go into watching the Biggest Loser with the intention of seeing the transformation contestants go through, you can’t help, but be proud and motivated to lose weight yourself.

One of the best milestones on the Biggest Loser is Makeover Week.  During this season, Tim Gunn and Ken Paves came to help the contestants find clothes that they’ve not only wished they could try on, but showed them the physical and mental changes.  Every one loves an underdog story and the Biggest Loser has a no holds bar attitude on what the contestants have to share to alleviate the pain and barriers that have held them back of where they want to be.

Watching the Biggest Loser can also give you great work out tips.  Those creative exercises Jillian Michaels, Dolvett Quince and Bob Harper implement on the contestants can often become part of your daily exercise routine.  Take notes on how many reps contestants are required to do and challenge yourself to keep up.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and seeing before and after pictures of the journey these contestants have embarked on can help motivate at home competitors. Don’t focus on the weight loss these contestants lose week to week, as it is often unrealistic, unhealthy goal, but let the Biggest Loser be your inspiration to the best self!


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