Maximize Your Freezer!

By: Nikki Nies

The other day my roommate asked me what my thoughts were on buying a second freezer.  At first, I laughed, but it’s really not that crazy of an idea.  Growing up, whenever my mother needed help in the kitchen, it was often “grab such and such in the downstairs freezer.”  So, yes, I did grow up with a downstairs freezer and it came in handy more often than once!

While a second freezer isn’t practical for my current living situation, I fully support them.  Especially depending on how many are living under one roof, a second freezer can be a life saver!  If the purchase and cost of maintenance of a second freezer is practical for you, let me sway you even more!

A second freezer always one to maximize stock up sales, on frozen veggies and fruits! Also, with a great sale on meat, if lack of freezer space is your main reason for not taking advantage of the sale, say no more, if you purchase a second freezer. If you opt to make a big batch of meals, you can freeze left overs for later use.  By having freezed already prepared meals on hand can help you out in crunch time.

Some don’t see the benefit of a second freezer out weighs the cost and that’s fine.  But for those interested in a little wiggle room in stock piling on great sales, it’s a great investment and will save you some headache in the future.


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