Relaxation Techniques


By: Nikki Nies

If you’re like me, you live off to-do lists.  I can’t possibly get every thing done I want or need to do, yet scheduling relaxing time is becoming ever more present than I’d like to admit.

Some friendly suggestions:

  1. Meditate: Daily meditation can positively impact brain neural pathways; taking only a few minutes, sit up straight with both feet on floor; let any distracting thoughts float by like clouds
  2. Remember to breath:Deep breathing helps counter act the effects of stress; helps lower heart rate and blood pressure; check out various types of deep breathing out there; I personally use relaxation breathing techniques right before bed to help relax and not let my mind wander
  3. Reach Out: Utilizing your social support, remember there’s those on hand that care about you and that want to help you in times of need
  4. Become in tune with your body: You’re body is constantly reacting and signaling what each body part feels like and/or what needs more attention
  5. Watch a comedy: Not only does it mentally relax you, it lowers cortisol and increases endorphins
  6. Start exercising!: All forms of exercise, including walking, are a great stress reliever and can be incorporated into your daily routine quickly, even a quick walk around the block!
  7. Write down all you’re grateful for: Remind yourself all that you have and remembering all the blessings that have come

What helps relieve some stress and relax through out the week and on a regular basis?

Photo Credit: Relaxation Techniques for the Classroom


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