Chipotle’s Sofritas


By: Nikki Nies

Before you groan at my latest post, hear me out, please?

No matter what your thought are on Chipotle, that they’re over priced or don’t live up to their “freshness” mission statement, you’ve got to hand it to Chipotle’s ability to stay current and keeping people coming back for more.sofritas2

In the 20 years that Chipotle has expanded and grown, their menu has had limited changes.  That is why the introduction of sofritas is such a milestone.  Sofritas are the first meatless option, besides the vegetarian option, that includes organic tofu that’s shredded and braised with chipotle chilis, roasted poblanos and spices.

Currently, sofritas can be purchased: California, Colorado, Chicago area, Delaware, Idaho, Maryland, New Mexico, Northern Indiana, Oregon, Philadelphia area, Richmond, VA, Utah, Vancouver, B.C., Washington, Washington DC area, Wisconsin, Wyoming. With availability increasing every day!

Again, disregarding the nutrition information for one second, it’s great to see Chipotle catering to the ever present needs of vegan, vegetarian and health conscious individuals.  Food in moderation is key and this moderated sofritas may just do the trick!


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