App[licable] Food Tracking


By: Nikki Nies

Being aware of what you’re eating on a regular basis is a great way to become more aware of nutritional issues and hone in on what strengths are currently in place.  In such a high tech access world, utilizing pre existing tools on hand, such as one’s phone.

While, I don’t want to assume every one has a smart phone, more people do have smart phones than don’t.  It’s unrealistic to think people want to carry around a food journal and write down how much they’re eating, but with many having their phones on them regularly, it’s so much easier to plug information into phone and have a quick analysis provided.

After some research on what other user’s rave about, here’s an overview of some of the more highly rated, recommended apps:

App Description and Features Apple Store Average Rating Additional In App Purchases
My Fitness Pal
  • Recipe calculator—enter own recipes and calculate nutrient contents
  • Includes over 3 million foods;
  • Barcode scanner
  • Can save and reuse entire meals
  • Adds multiple items simulatenously
  • Create custom foods and exercise
  • Fully syncs with internet
  • Track with friends!—support each other’s progress
  • Track all major nutrients
4.5 stars
Calorie Counter and Food Diary by MyNetDiary
  • Multiple servings—i.e. cups, oz, grams
  • Daily Improvement Plan
  • Food Check—check and compare foods while shopping and in restaurants
  • Water tracking
  • Built in bar code scanner
  • Includes 530,000 foods entered by staff and 300,000 popular foods contributed by members
  • Calculates based on age, height, weight, gender and activity level
  • Calculates target calories, weight maintenance calories, BMI and BMR
4.5 stars i.e. 1 month subscription $8.99; 3 month subscription $23.99; 6 month subscription $41.99; 12 month subscription $59.99
Fooducate—Healthy Weight loss, Diet Tracker and Food Scanner
  • Tracks quality of calories, not just quantity
  • Scans product barcode to see food’s nutrition guide (A,B, C or D)
  • Add own foods to track
  • Learn about pro’s and cons
  • Ability to share feedback with community
  • Teaches about excessive sugar, trans fat, MSG, artificial sweeteners, GMO, controversial food colorings, HFCS, additives and preservatives
  • Able to personalize with carb control, health conditions (i.e. pregnancy, low cholesterol), avoid MSG, HCFS, GMOs
4.5 stars i.e. Pro–$9.99, Gluten & Allergies $14.99; Personal Weight Loss Coach $19.99; 10 Day Weight Loss Kickstart $1.99
  • Includes food tracker, activity tracker, glucose tracker, restaurant tracker and cloud sync
  • Able to manage nutrition and exercise
  • Calculates # of calories burned
  • Includes over 20,000 restaurant items
  • Ability to back up history/favorites with cloud network
4 stars
CalorieKing Food Search
  • Contain over 70,000 foods and 260 fast food restaurants and chains
  • Provides information on protein, fiber, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium and alcohol
5 Remove Adds $1.99
Tap & Track—Calorie Counter
  • Contains large offline food database—over 500,000 foods, 700 restaurants, 2000 food brands
  • Has 40:30:30 “pie charts” of reports
  • Full screen graphs
  • BMI calculator
  • Tracker calories and food score; daily info on calories, fat, saturated fat, protein, carbs, sugar, sodium and fiber
  • Free sync with backup and restore
  • Can set diet plan and goal weight
 4.5 stars

Previously, I’ve only had experience using MyFitness Pal, but I’ve just downloaded Tap & Track and Fooducate.  I’ll let you know these apps go! What apps have you had the most success with?  What type of tracker do you use?


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