Is it Bad? Is it Good?

Original Image by Breville USA via Flickr
Original Image by Breville USA via Flickr

By: Nikki Nies

I’ve started to notice a trend.  People have drawn a distinction that food is either good or bad for you. For example, one person asked me if V8 juice is good or bad for you. Another friend asked if artificial sweeteners are good or bad for you.

I’m starting to get better at answering these kinds of questions, but it still astounds me the mindset that people have regarding food.  How I try to approach these situations is stating that anything in moderation is key and whatever food they’re inquiring about is dependent on additional factors.  Such as, how many V8 drinks are being consumed, is sodium intake a concern at this time, what else is eaten through out the day, how much physical activity is occurring.  So, to state that something’s necessarily bad or good for you isn’t a cut or dry answer.

I personally, don’t want people walking away from a conversation with me thinking that certain foods are off limits, but with increased awareness, they will be able to discern for themselves how they can best incorporate a realistic amount of a food/beverage into daily routine.

What’re your thoughts?  Have you encountered the same kinds of questions?  How do you handle these situations?

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