“Hangry”-It’s Here & It Doesn’t Have To Be!

By:  Nikki Nies

We’ve all heard jokes about it, but studies are showing the term “hangry” is a very real, legitimate adjective. Think about the last conflict you may have had with your SO, friend, roommate and/or colleague.  And when was the last time you had eaten prior to the argument?  Not willing to admit you’re wrong? Blame it on being hangry! 734884

All jokes aside, a recent study led by Bushman et al., 2014, used voo doo dolls and glucometers.  The study found that those with lower glucose levels were more likely to stab the voo doo dolls with more pins.

When glucose levels are lower than normal, it can cause a higher intensity of anger and/or rage. Reduced blood sugar can lead lower self control, which is an integral part of maintaining good relationships.

How to limit your hangriness? Keeping small snacks on hand (i.e. granola bar, almonds) can help keep your relationships afloat without the unnecessary conflicts due to lack of food! Limiting your angry when your hungry is obviously the opposite of the overshadowed end of the spectrum, overeating.

Sources: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2014/04/14/why-your-spouse-may-be-hangry-for-a-fight/

Bushman, B. J., DeWall, C. N., Pond, R. S., & Hanus, M. D. (2014) Low glucose relates to greater aggression in married couples. PNAS.






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