Fed Up

By: Nikki Nies

FEDUP-Poster2Fed Up is a movie created by producer Laurie David, director by  Stephanie Soechtig and advertised by Katie Couric.  This film promotes its unveiling of information regarding food and exercise and that all you’ve learned in the past 30 years is wrong.

Join in the Fed Up Challenge, which is a pledge to go 10 days sugar free. In addition to joining the challenge, it provides resources and the chance to win prizes.  By eliminating soda, artificial sweeteners, sugar subsititutes, sugared candy and sugar sweetened beverages, you can swap for fresh, whole fruit.  Be aware that hidden sources of sugar can be found in yogurt, canned foods, spaghetti sauce, ketchup and/or energy bars.

While this challenge may sound daunting, there’s a community of over 200,000 others committed to this pledge, so join in!

Check out where it’s playing near you.

I personally haven’t seen this movie yet, but it’s getting a lot of buzz and even if you don’t agree with what’s portrayed in this movie, it’s important to know what others are promoting and what is being advertised to the general public.  While I’m happy to see nutrition and a breakdown of the health crisis facing Americans, there’s one missing piece to this project.  Where’s the credible RD in this picture?  I don’t see one in the mix of Katie, Laurie and Stephanie.  I’m disappointed to not see the nation’s leading nutrition experts not in on this ground breaking challenge and movie.

Too bad, I’m not in NJ anymore, otherwise, I’d be at the theatre tonight.  For any one who plans to see or has seen it, what’re your thoughts on Fed Up?

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