Mayo–Maybe No!

By:Nikki Nies

Growing up, mother always made BLTs with mayo.  She never had to ask me if I wanted it or not, it was a given.  I’m not sure what role plays in your life, if it even plays a role.  However, after doing my research, I want to give you the facts and you can surmise how and if mayo will have a place in your daily meals.

Nutrition information for 1 cup serving: 1440 kcal; 160 g of fat; 24 g of saturated fat; great source of vitamin E and K; has 50% of one’s daily sodium intake (~1200 mg); often made with large amount of omega 6 fatty acids

Moderation tips: For every person, allot 1 tablespoon–103 kcal; 12 g fat; 2 g saturated fat

health_dork_types_of_mayoIf you’re thinking about switching it up, perhaps, you’d be interested in trying xanthum gum, corn starch, citric acid and/or a handful of added sugar. With many varieties of mayo on the market, maybe try your hand at a Nasoya, which is a vegan type of mayo, a lighter version or reduced fat mayo.


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