Refreshing Summer Salad Dressings

By: Nicole Arcilla

Some of the greatest summer recipes out there are for salads — they’re light, refreshing, and cool. It’s just what you need for those summer get togethers, or even if you’re having a solo meal! But be careful what dressing you use — those cream based dressings, like ranch, can easily turn your salad to an unhealthy dish.
So how do you avoid it? Go with an oil and vinegar-based dressing instead! Here’s how these kinds of dressings can be healthier for you:
1. The oils used are typically high in mono- and poly-unsaturated fats. These are good fats to consume as they have protective effects, and can even combat the bad cholesterol in your body.
2. Depending on the spices you use, these oil and vinegar-based dressings can be low in sodium – a bonus feature for those with high blood pressure, and great for everyone in general.
3. It’s true that dark green leafy veggies are much healthier for you, but its nutrients, mainly iron, are not always accessible to your body. Adding something acidic, like vinegar or citrus fruits, can activate the iron so your body can absorb and use it properly.
There’s plenty of these out in the grocery store, but why not make it yourself and make your own uniquely flavored dressing recipe? Just follow these simple steps:
What salad recipe are you going to be showing off to your friends and family this summer?

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