Skinny Taste

skinnytasteheader_1000_3By: Nikki Nies

My what a difference a year makes! This time last year, I was living with an Italian family who made most of meals.  My version of cooking was making rice in the oven and calling it a day!

Now that I’m in my own apartment, too cheap to eat out and no one to cook for me =[, I decided to finally make some meals!

Since I was about as familiar with a kitchen equipment and flavors as a toddler is to taking its first steps, I pulled up recipe after recipe on the Internet.  It’s been ~9 months since the inception of this transition and I’ve learned a lot since I’ve had to! I’m more aware what flavors go together, how to make meals last and how to use leftover ingredients to the best of my ability.

My comfortability in the kitchen has to be credited to my mother’s phone call away help and my “go to” recipe sites:, CookingLight and  Yet, my ultimate favorite is  Gina Homolka, the creator and author of Skinnytaste recognizes the healthier ways to cook while maintaining the necessary flavors to still call dishes food.

I’m highlighting SkinnyTaste today because after trying several of recipes, I walked away very impressed!  Ms. Homolka started Skinnytaste in 2008, so perhaps, it’s okay I’ve been a late bloomer in the cooking department, I’m kidding! Sort of.

roasted-spaghetti-squashPersonally, I always find myself going back to the Skinny Buffalo Chicken Strips and the Baked Spaghetti Squash.  Thanks SkinnyTaste for these great recipes!

What’s your technique on finding recipes?  More of a physical recipe book person? Magazine recipe searcher or sans recipes?


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