Healthy Fare for Kids


By: Nikki Nies hffklogotm

A year ago, the  Healthy Fare for Kids initiative was implemented, recognizing a need and opportunity to provide travelers more healthy airport food options. Partnered with the Premier Restaurant Group, this collaboration has arranged  at least 16 foodservice units to the Midway International Airport, Chicago, IL that are guaranteed to promote and sell healthier food options.  With more than 18 million people passing through the airport annually, this Healthy Fare for Kids initiative has been received positively.

The green Healthy Fare for Kids logo can be found on food options that have been deemed healthy.  The seal can be found on most grab and go containers in Concourse A & B and near baggage claim. Be on the lookout for the logo to appear on menu items as well!  More restaurants are joining the healthy initiative at a rapid pace, recognizing their role in creating healthy menu options–Miller’s Pub, Manny’s Express, Manny’s Deli, Harry Caray’s Seventh Inning Stretch, Tuscany Café, Sprigs, Landings,etc.

If you see the Healthy Fare for Kids logo, you can be guaranteed the food is antibiotic free, nonsugared beverages, using whole grain bread, smaller portions, less salt and omitting use of the deep fryer.

While I was walking through the arrivals, I saw a sign for Healthy Fare.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the strides being made to provide healthy food in the airport, which hasn’t always been known as a “healthy” place . Next time you’re at Chicago Midway International Airport, look for the green logo on menu boards and grab and go containers.  Check out your local airports to see what programs they have in the works and/or currently providing nutritious food options.


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