Doctor Oz Syndrome

Pardon some of his language. I think Matt did a great job explaining why this new chapter on Dr. Oz and nutrition is a triumphant one for the health industry, Thanks for sharing!

Matt Wilson Personal Training

By now I hope you have seen John Oliver’s skewering of Doctor Mehmet Oz and his push for “miracle” and “magical” weight loss supplements.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth the 15-minutes.

Did you watch it? Excellent.  As you heard at the beginning of the clip, a news reporter talked about the “Oz Effect”.  Essentially, any company that gets mentioned by Oz typically experiences a massive uptick in sales, which is great for the company…not so great for the consumer.  As mentioned in the clip, one of the “magical” beans Oz pushed as a weight loss miracle supplement actually seemed to cause the onset of diabetes in lab mice.

Right, diabetes.

I said this on Facebook soon after seeing this clip:

I’ve always thought that Oz was nothing more than a snake oil salesman. Here’s a number for those of you who still defend the dietary supplement industry…1…

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