Kids Cafe

By: Nikki Nies Kids Cafe color logo

Kids Cafe is one of the many food assistance programs for children.  Still, since its initiation in 1998 in Savannah, GA, Kids Cafe continues to be recognized as a premier after school feeding program.  Kids Cafe provides free meals and snacks to low income children through the Boys and Girls Club, churches and/or public schools.

Additionally, in these facilities, families can be  rest assure d their children are  in a safe  environment, with trustworthy staff that also provide  educational, social and recreational activities.

With over 1,500 sites, Kids Cafe  annually serves over 122,000 children.  Many of the volunteers tend to be college students, who are able to provide these nutritious meals.  In the long run, Kids Cafe can contribute to the physical, emotional and academic successes.

Interested in hosting a Kids Cafe site? Eligibility and requirements include:

  • After-school programs and/or summer programs run by nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations
  • After-school and/or summer programs that have been in operation for at least one year that provide enrichment activities
  • Organizations that may not have children’s programs, but have the capacity and ability to run summer meal service for children
  • Located in areas where nearest school has at least 50% of their students qualifying for free or reduced lunch
  • Operate a minimum of 3x per week
  • Serve at least 20 meals to children during program’s meal service
  • Maintain a safe and clean environment for proper food storage and meal service
  • Supervise a meal service and maintain daily meal records

Curious if Kids Cafe is operating near you, check out Feeding America locator to find out all the programs in your area.  Or if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, especially for the  months of December to January, locate your local food bank for more details.


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