Time to Eat Healthy App

By: Nikki Nies


Since January 2014, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the behind the scenes of an iPhone App.  With thousands of apps to choose from at the App Store, I bet you don’t think about how much time had to go into the actual labor and production of that app? Well, I can tell you from experience and observation, that it is A LOT of work! Jodie Shield, M.Ed., RD., L.D.N., a consultant and nutrition spokesperson for the past two decades, decided to try her hand in the App world, knowing her passion and knowledge of nutrition was something new to offer.

The app is not only a great representative of Jodie’s brand, Healthy Eating for Families (HEFF), but a timeless app that any one can use, whether you’re a novice in the kitchen, a college student or an expert at the grill!  Organized by category, there’s a category for every taste-from Kid-Friendly to Potatoes to Seafood! Created by Mobile Skillet, Time to Eat Healthy, supplies recipes that have been well tested and are suitable for any and all occasions.  I, personally, liked how the app explained how traditional, staple foods could be made healthier, but in a concise manner.  Also, I love “print” option as I’m always having to email recipes to myself anyways! That saves me even more time! Looking for healthier dishes to make, but crunched for time? Make sure to download the Time to  Eat Healthy app for $1.99 cause it’s always time to eat healthy!

Sources: http://mobileskillet.com/iphone-and-ipad-cooking-app-gallery/

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