July’s National Pickle Month

By: Nikki Niesvariety-of-pickled-produce

I’m sure you know pickles are no longer limited to being served as a garnish to a hamburger or with your fries.  Since the 1960s, the act of pickling has been a time of relishing.  Pun intended.

Pickling’s a creative way to alter food’s taste and texture. With so many ways to pickle, there’s bound to be at least one type you like–vinegar, fermented, fruit, cucumber, beets, bean paste, relishes, kimchi, kraut, etc.  The variety of pickling is dictated by ingredients used and preparation method.

Caution–pickling requires a good amount of salt to inhibit spoilage and and bacteria.  In moderation, one can enjoy a pickle or two.  1 pickle spear=300 mg of sodium. Also, when able opt for dill or lacto fermented variety instead of sweet or bread and butter.  Check out previous post on The Salt Review for a refresher course on the difference between salt and sodium.

Furthermore, to reduce risk of spoiling, it’s recommended to process pickles in boiling water.

To celebrate National Pickle Month, try the Pickled Cucumbers  or Salt Free Dill Pickles recipes for some great flavor without the guilt of high sodium!

Sources: http://www.foodandnutrition.org/Stone-Soup/July-2014/Celebrating-National-Pickle-Month/





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