Maximizing F&V

By: Nikki Nies

Not sure what to do with the last mushroom in your hydrator?  Have to use that broccoli tonight before it officially reaches “old” status? Or just trying to get your child to eat more fruits and vegetables? Scrap together your odds and ends of food in the fridge and pantry and make a delicious mesh of your food!

The most effective, long lasting way to add fruits and veggies to meals are to personalize meals based on past favorite meals and branching out from there.  For example, if your child loves spinach, why not mix it up once in a while and buy kale one day? Additional suggestions: 

Original Image by Tony Webster via Flickr
Original Image by Tony Webster via Flickr
  • Customize your own smoothie
  • Customize your own tortilla, taco or burritos
  • Make berry picking a family outing and challenge everyone to come up with the most creative berry dish!
  • Make your own sushi rolls!
  • Customize homemade pizza
  • Grab some help from your children
  • Make zucchini noodles/ribbons instead of pasta as an added serving of vegetables

While a lot of the above suggestions include the word “customize”, don’t be too overwhelmed with that thought! Cooking and making meals should be seen as fun and a way to take part in creative outlets.

Got any other ideas how to make eating fruits and veggies more fun? Please share!


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