By: Nikki Nies aai_logo_2013

 All Access Internships (AAI) is the premier information source and community outlet for aspiring Registered Dietitians (RDs).  An array of peer-to-peer tools gives prospective dietetic interns the opportunity to receive advisement on all aspects of the dietetic internship application.

Services Provided:

  • Resume Coaching
  • Webinars
  • Interview Prep
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • Answers to the latest questions!
  • Personal Statement Help
  • Get Matched Bootcamp

Still haven’t signed up yet, check out testimonies of past clients! Its founder, Jenny Westerkamp has just posted 7 WAYS TO BE AN AWESOME DIETETICS STUDENT.  With the next application deadline around the corner, don’t wait to sign up for AAI’s resources, tips and read about first hand experiences!


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