wf-logo-fblogBy: Nikki Nies

**Disclaimer: The following blog post is meant to provide awareness of the objective following and interest in nutrition companies, magazines, spokespeople,etc.  I am by no means advocating and/or suggesting the following resources are credible sources of information.** 

Following up my post, Undercover Nikki, whenever you are obtaining, researching, browsing or reading information, it’s always important to have your “screening, assessing” mind alert.  As a future health professional, the information and advice I will provide others will be based on evidence based practices.  While it’s important to be articulate and knowledgeable in one’s field, that includes being up to date on current trends in the nutrition field, what the latest diet pills are and/or the latest claims.

To help with this process, Wefollow comes into play! Wefollow started in 2009 as a Twitter directory, with the ability to search for someone based on an interest or through a Prominence Score.  A Prominence Score is a ranking system used to quickly discover people based on interest.

Users of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram are connected under one umbrella on Wefollow.   Interested to know what the top 5 nutrition people and/or organizations are with the highest Prominent Score?

  1. Women’s Health Magazine-100
  2. Men’s Health Magazine–98
  3. Kira Aloupis
  4. Jillian Michaels–95
  5. Prevention Magazine–93

You might notice that I’ve started following some of the above magazines and/or people listed above.  Again, it’s important to know what others are advertising, selling and telling followers.  Half of educating people is debunking the myths they’ve heard.

It’s hard to swallow that the highest ranked Registered Dietitian is Janet Helm at #8 with a Prominent Score of 87.  Let’s all give our support to Janet and help her crack the top 5!  Close behind is eatRight at #12! Be proactive, not retroactive.



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