By: Nikki Nies


There’s a common thought process that one should do what ever it takes to maintain their size and/or lose weight.  Unfortunately, a lot of changes can include adding diet pills into daily routines, but what if I told you there is a more fortuitous, natural way to make life long changes?  With the help of FoodTweeks, not only can you make healthier changes, but for every 600 calories one slashes from meals, FoodTweeks will donate a meal to a local food bank.  Win-win, right?

Here’s how it works! Download the Foodtweeks app now and tell it what you’re planning to eat! The app then shows you various ways to choose healthier options without trading in taste or flavor!

By joining the Foodtweeks community, you are able to eat healthier snacks and meals and help a local food bank distribute the same kind of nutritious calories to someone in need!

With 3 simple steps you’re on your way:

1. Report desired food to be eaten from restaurants, supermarket and/or homemade!

2. Choose a tweek!

3. Hungry are fed!

These simple steps helps Foodtweeks help others by helping others eat in a more sustainable fashion and to help fight hunger! Know of a potentially interested food bank to help the cause? Let them know the benefits of joining in:increased awareness of food bank and the issue of hunger; new donor pipeline social media messaging and continued source of funding and support!  If your a food bank reading this, sign up today!



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