Hunger Action Month

By: Nikki Nies HAM-2014-700

How’re you enjoying this fine Labor Day? Why not join Feeding America’s campaign and participate in Hunger Action Month!   If you’re not familiar with Feeding America, it is a national network of food banks that lead the U.S. against hunger.

Through soup kitchen, food pantries and communities across America, they have served over 47 million Americans and their battle against hunger!  Every action you take counts, get up and take “action!”

1. Connect: By inputting your zip code, you will find local food banks in your area.  The website easily shares the local food bank’s website and helps you literally “connect” via Twitter, Facebook and/or the food banks website.cover-image

2. Change: For the month of September, change your Facebook and/or Twitter profile pictures orange!  Better yet, you can change your header and/or cover photo as well!

3. Share: Spread the word about the campaign via Twitter and/or Facebook, with ready to use updates and information on statewide hunger (i.e. I recently tweeted about the fact 21.6% of children in IL face hunger!

4.  Ask: Contact your local and state senators and representatives, requesting they visit a child feeding program operated by your local food bank. Feeding America does a great job, providing you the Senator and/or Representatives’ contact information–email, Twitter and Facebook for your state! All you have to do is “click” on!

5. Pledge:Support Feeding America’s ‘Feeding a Strong Future’ pledge!  By pledging, you promise to help support the 1/5 American children dealing with hunger.  This helps urge Congress to strengthen child nutrition programs and helping spreading awareness of this worthy cause to others!

Now that you’ve got the facts and see how simple it is to spread the word and join the campaign, what steps are you going to take?  All five?  GREAT!


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