REAL Dietitian

By: Nikki Nies 0cc5a37

REAL Dietitian is a brand new virtual counseling program founded by Sidonia Swarm.  Swarm is a recent graduate of the University of Miami, receiving a master’s degree in management, marketing and entrepreneurship.  Recognizing a disparity between the need for registered dietitians (RDs), but the lack of access to RDs, Swarm found REALDietitian to meet both needs! REALDietitian has begun its operations at 1871 in Chicago! Choose from mobile consultations, anytime answers and all-access!

Their mission is to:

to provide our users with unparalleled access and support. We strive to empower our users to live the healthiest lives possible through nutrition education. When it comes to nutrition counseling, there are no cookie cutter solutions. Therefore at REALDietitian we have no cookie cutter service. Each consultation, relationship, and correspondence between our users and registered dietitians is personalized and unique. Our team creates solutions to fit specific health needs and individuals’ lives. We promote balance, whole food, and holistic eating.



  • Great Value: Cutting the costs of travel, time and typical office overhead, ODD can over the same great service with an inflated price!
  • Unparalleled Convenience and accessibility: Schedule an appointment to speak with a RD at any time in any way! Talk, text and/or video chat with a RD, your preference! Also, connect via your phone or computer
  • Extensive network
  • Variety of Experts: Each registered dietitian of REALDietitian’s team have their own specialized field

Register today to be a part of the pilot program.  Participants will receive 45 minute consultations with a RD for only $55! By 9/30,pilot participants choose the time and dietitian from our network!

This great resource meets 21st century health needs, while providing a framework of personalized counseling! To stay up to date on real time updates and statuses, follow @REALdietitian and LinkedIn!

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