Microwave to Great Meals

microwave-cooking-mr-gallery-xBy: Nikki Nies

I grew up using a microwave as my go-to source of reheating food! When I moved into my first apartment last year, where there wasn’t a microwave provided in the unit, I didn’t realize how much I have come to rely on my microwave.  Until I got to the store to buy a microwave, my roommates and I resorted to heating food up on the stove.  For my generation, we admit we’ve had it easy technology wise. Yet, that doesn’t mean we’re willing to giving up our gadgets or “convenience” machines.

With that said, my time in Illinois has given me great insight and incentives to find ways to cut corners to make my money stretch while still eating a balanced, healthy diet.  I will not sacrifice quality food,I  am a nutrition student after all! Due to limited space and financials, my roommates and I have made do with some basic essentials, we had two pans and that’s all we need! As you can probably tell, I’ve learned how to stretch my food and utilize all my food and equipment to the fullest, this includes the microwave!

There’s tons recipes on line that are microwave friendly.  Here are some recipes I’ve tried myself and have found to be equally as good as if it were made in the oven or stove top!

My days of only reheating food in the microwave are over.  I now embrace the ability to make full meals in a cup or bowl in the microwave.  Yes, you heard me! Whether you’re in the mood for whipping up breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and/or dessert, your reliant microwave is always available! An added bonus, less clean up =]!

Have you used your microwave for some great meals? What tips do you have for smoother microwave cooking?

Photo Credit: MyRecipes 

Sources: http://greatist.com/health/surprising-healthy-microwave-recipes




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