Home Food Safety Program

By: Nikki Nies Home_Food_Safety_logo_color

Food service establishments and restaurants are always under scrutiny for their sanitation and ability to abide by health code regulations.  While this is important, home food safety measures need to be addressed and reviewed as well.  How awful would it be that your party guests develop food poisoning due to undercooked or bad meals.  Or a household unknowingly used spoiled produce for their dinner salads!

These scenarios are the worst of the worst, yet the Home Food Safety Program is a great resource that provides awareness about the serious measures of food poisoning (aka foodborne illnesses) and what role one initiate for optimal food safety! This program is a collaborative effort of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) and ConAgra Foods food safety campaign.

For more information, please contact HFS@eatright.org

Sources: http://homefoodsafety.org/about

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