Cap Coffee Creamers

almond-joy-delight-creamerBy: Nikki Nies

With holiday blends of creamers available for limited editions and the enticing labels of “sweet, creamy” labels, it’s understandable why you can’t pass up those bottles in your local grocery store.  However, have you thought about what that creamer is made of and that it may be adding extra calories and sugar you’re not acknowledging? These creamers are also known as “non dairy” creamers, which is an oxymoron and may lead some to think twice about what they are pouring into coffee. My point isn’t to take away the fun with coffee, as I’m an avid fan of flavored coffee, but to bring awareness of everything you consume, including creamers!

Obviously, depending on the amount of creamer you use will depend on what adjustments you need to make with creamer use.  If you’re like my friend who dumps about 1/2 cup of creamer in her morning joe, perhaps, she needs to decrease creamer use than you do!  Furthermore, some brands are now carrying products that contain a blend of nonfat milk, cream, sugar and flavorings that are lower in calories than past offerings.

Yet, it’s important to note that these creamers have 0% “actual cream” and are made of a combination of partially hydrogenated oil, sugar, sodium, food coloring and thickeners.  While many brands tout themselves as offering sugar and/or fat free versions, many times artificial sweeteners are added in.Yes, most creamers are lactose free and gluten free, but many products still contain casein, a milk protein that can still cause someone with lactose intolerance and/or milk allergies some trouble. Bottles can be labeled “lactose” and/or milk free, but still contain casein.  Make sure to read the nutrition fact label thoroughly just in case! Additionally, there are soy based creamers available for vegans and those alike, just may have to search a little more! Homemade-Vanilla-Coffee-Creamer

Again, the measurement of moderation may be numerically different for you than it is for me. Still want to add some creamer to your coffee? Make your own homemade vanilla bean creamer today!

Photo Credit: AndCute and Beverage Universe 


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